Diversified use of the Asian Games Venues boasts sports industry
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2022-11-24 10:25   

After the postponement of Hangzhou Asian Games, all the venues take this opportunity to actively carry out commercial development, and make diversified use of spaces, to promote the integrated development of sports industry and culture & tourism industry.

All the venues proactively expand the functions of surrounding facilities to improve the utilization rate of spaces

Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre incorporates the mountain bike course into the park project planning, and builds six theme parks and twelve water sports & greenway cycling projects, to stimulate the development of local tourism economy.

Ningbo Beach Volleyball Centre plans to cooperate with the local folk culture teams to launch the artistic performance in the venue so as to enrich the cultural activities.

Shaoxing Keqiao Yangshan Sport Climbing Centre conducts "Yangshan Sport Climbing Brilliant Starry Sky" Light Show Viewing Activity. China Textile City Sports Centre Gymnasium carries out the commercial cultural performance and entertainment program recording. Guali Sports Centre and Lin'an Sports Culture & Exhibition Centre plan to hold Ren Bonian Painting Exhibition and "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" Series Activity.

Promote the development of local featured sports industry in combination with the events of the Asian Games

Tonglu Equestrian Centre intends to cooperate with Macau International Jockey Club to apply for the construction of the Horse Breeding Centre and Performance Appraisal Centre.

Hangzhou Esports Centre plans to successively sign the contacts with Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World and other leading enterprises of the esports industry chain, and avails the opportunity of the Asian Games to focus on esports + film & TV, + tourism, + entrainment, + cultural creativity, + education and other full-industry chain development approaches to boost the concentrated development of esports industry.

Ningbo Xiangshan Sailing Centre develops the marine tourism sector, carries out investment promotion for yachts, camping and other industries, and plans customized products such as Graduation Sailing Season, to build a brand of marine sports.

Connect the inside and outside of the venue and link the surrounding tourism resources to create the cultural tourism routes

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, Aquatic Sports Arena, and Training Hall, as well as Squash Court and Qianjiang Century City Asian Games Theme Park, are expected to connect the tourist routes and develop the river sightseeing projects.

Fuyang Water Sports Centre launches the daytime (nighttime) route tour, smart venues and other experience activities, and plans to carry out the night tour project for pleasure boats of Beizhi River.

Ningbo Xiangshan Sailing Centre has improved the supporting facilities, such as guidance system, isolation fence, warning sign and scenic spot introduction board, and assigns the professional explainers to narrate the sailboat history and sailing-related knowledge.

Source: hangzhou2022.cn  Author:  Editor: Ye Lijiao