The 2022 Zero Carbon China Summit unveiled in Hangzhou  2022-11-21 17:35   

On the afternoon of November 19, the 2022 Zero Carbon China Summit (Hangzhou) was held in Xizi Wisdom Industrial Park. The summit was themed by "zero carbon greeting the Asian Games", with a purpose to jointly explore the energy innovation & development path under the "30·60" double carbon goal through the multi-party exchanges and dialogues of the new energy field, so as to contribute to helping China build a new development pattern of the new energy industry featured by multi-energy complementation, multi-industry advancement, multi-point support and diversified development.

In the new energy field, Hangzhou has continuously boosted the achievement of the peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goal with strong momentum. For example, Hangzhou is accelerating the implementation of the layout in the photovoltaic field. According to the statistics of Hangzhou Energy Big Data & Application Research Center, Hangzhou has built the photovoltaic power capacity of 1,890,000 kW, including the distributed photovoltaic power capacity of 1,740,000 kW and the centralized photovoltaic power capacity of 150,000 kW.

In addition to the photovoltaic industry, the new energy storage is the important equipment foundation and key support technology to build the new power system and promote the green and low-carbon transformation of energy. It is also the significant support to advance the realization of the peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goal and seize the new highland of international strategy. At the summit, the theme report titled The construction of zero carbon factory standards promotes the green & low-carbon transformation and development of the enterprise was given to practice the new development concept with the new standard system that is matched, and achieve the "double carbon" goal in a high-quality manner.

Source:  Author:  Editor: Ye Lijiao