The 5th Shaoxing Marathon kicked off  2022-11-16 08:22   

On November 12, the 5th Shaoxing Marathon kicked off in Shaoxing Olympic Sports Centre. This city with about 2,500 years of history shows its cultural images and urban changes to the world through sports.

Shaoxing is referred to as "Yue" for short and "Yuezhou" in the ancient times, so this marathon can also be called "Yuema". This year, under premise of properly implementing the pandemic prevention and control, Yuema was provided with security personnel, rescue teams and 2,070 social volunteers to ensure the success of the event.

The track of the marathon starts from the venue of the Asian Games and passes through Lu Xun Native Place, Lu You Native Place, Keyan Scenic Area, Shaoxing Museum and other cultural relics and historical sites, so that the runners can lead the spectators to jointly enjoy the cultural charm of Shaoxing Ancient City.

The cultural and sports activities with the characteristics of Shaoxing, such as tasting rice wine, listening to operas, and watching ancient battles, were held along the track, attracting a great number of citizens to participate in sports and the inheritance of culture.

Source:  Author: Photo & Text by Shaoxing Sports Editor: Ye Lijiao