Softball and esports jointly celebrate the Asian Games  2022-11-16 08:20   

On November 12, China Softball League Organising Committee launched the Softball Promotion Day Activity in Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre as the venue for holding the baseball & softball events of Hangzhou Asian Games, and invited the esports players and softball athletes of Hangzhou to participate in the activity, so as to build the bridge for understanding softball and esports and contribute to the glory of the Asian Games next year.

The competition director of the Organising Committee said that the activity aimed at drawing more public attention through the effective interaction with other sports events to make the softball league more popular.

There is something in common between two emerging sports. The prosperous development of esports benefits from the application of "cloud technology". China Softball League also focuses on embodying the characteristics of "cloud games". Through the online and offline combination, it uses cloud data to make the players' performance more real-time, intuitive and data-oriented. The live streaming is adopted so that spectators can participate in the interaction online to enhance their engagement.

Source:  Author: Text by Yin Peiqin Editor: Ye Lijiao