Wenzhou set off a craze of sports
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2022-11-14 14:34   

Recently, the 7th Wenzhou Sports Games kicked off in the venue of the Asian Games, attracting a large number of sports enthusiasts to participate in the event online and offline so as to feel the culture of the Asian Games.

The competition took the form of off-peak departure to avoid crowding. The participating teams visited 10 destinations such as Asian Games Football Training Field of Wenzhou Medical University, Asian Games Football Training Field of Wenzhou University, Wenzhou International Tennis Centre, and Wenzhou Olympic Sports Centre, in green travel ways like hiking, running and cycling, and they carried out online marking. The Organising Committee selected the winners according to the marking records.

There was also "Greeting the Asian Games" and other interesting tasks. The players can learn a lot about the Asian Games when enjoying the fun of sports.

Source: hangzhou2022.cn   Author:  Editor: Ye Lijiao