Students wear space suits and creative costumes in sports meet  2022-11-10 14:12   

Recently, a primary school in Shaoxing, East China's Zhejiang Province, held a creative opening ceremony for its sports meet, which attracted huge attention online. In the video, students wore space suits and stepped on segways in rows to enter the sports field, looking like little spacemen and showing their creativity.

There were also other students dressed like aerospace researchers and holding the big rocket model in their show at the opening ceremony. A girl even dressed like Chang'e, a character in ancient Chinese mythology who flies to the moon. 

She danced around a huge moon rocket wearing roller stake shoes to show China's advanced technology which can really send people into space, not just in myths.

Besides, students held boards with words such as "we are ready to build a powerful China" or "enhancing national rejuvenation." Other students also dressed like diverse characters, including policemen, people from different ethnic minorities, and even aliens. 

Netizens praised the students and said that they used their own way to show great progress and potential in Chinese technology. 

Others thought the ceremony so very meaningful and impressive that students would never forget and would work hard toward their great goals.

Source: Global Times  Author:  Editor: Ye Lijiao