Jiande-Jinhua High-speed Rail enters new construction stage
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2022-11-03 16:22   

Efforts have been redoubled to speed up the construction of Jiande-Jinhua High-speed Rail. With a full length of 64.5 km, the railway starts from Jinhua Station, ends at Jiande Station and stops by Lanxidong Station and Dayang Station, covering four stations altogether. 

Jinhua-Jiande Railway serves as a bridge between Hangzhou-Huangshan High-speed Rail in the north and Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Rail in the south. It enables citizens of Jinhua and Wenzhou to approach Huangshan by Jinhua-Jiande, Jinhua-Wenzhou and Hangzhou-Huangshan rails without having to transfer in Hangzhou, thus greatly saving time and reducing travel distance. As the first town-level high-speed railway station in Hangzhou, Dayang Station greatly facilitates travel for local citizens.

Now, the high-speed rail has entered the stage of frame girder construction and is expected to put into operation in 2024. 

Source: City Express  Author: Text by Huang Yuxuan Photo by Zhang Kaidong Editor: Ye Lijiao