The new countdown hourglass of the Asian Games is set up in Huanglong Sports Centre  2022-08-13 23:25   

On the evening of August 7, the new countdown device of the Asian Games was set up in Huanglong Sports Centre. At dusk, it can be integrated with the gymnasium under the background of sunset clouds. The photos are very wonderful. At night, this is just like the beautiful goddess of the Asian Games!

In addition to beauty, every detail of the countdown device is designed to have the special meaning.

Huanglong Sports Centre is the witness of Hangzhou City and Zhejiang Extraordinary Sports. The appearance of the hourglass is based on historical precipitation and years. From 1959 to 2022, the time nodes and historical events flow down along the hourglass body. The double-layer ribbons around the hourglass are presented in the image of the most popular landmarks of Hangzhou like Sky Ring and Colourful Fitness Trail. Such ribbons at night are driven by colourful neon lamps. The top of the hourglass is marked with the LOGO of Huanglong Sports Centre; a number of small white ball lamps shine gracefully like the quicksand of time.

This set of sculptures means that, the new Huanglong Sports Centre after being reconstructed for the Asian Games is displayed with the development of the times, which indicates that there are more hopes and possibilities.

Source:  Author:  Editor: Gao Mingzhen