Meet the metaverse in Fuyang Water Sports Centre  2022-08-20 22:09   

Fuyang Water Sports Centre will hold the rowing, canoe sprint, canoe slalom and other aquatic events during the Asian Games. At present, it has been open to the public with the purpose of benefiting the people. With the beautiful scenery, the venue is supported by "MR metaverse" to become the smart "water theme park".

Entering the venue, the visitors may scan the QR code at the entrance via mobile phone, so as to accurately identify the scene where the current user is located, which can not only achieve "real scene navigation", but also experience a series of MR metaverse theme scene applications, including AR welcome show, AR guide, AR red pack rain, AR explanation, and AR interactive game. At present, the venue has built a number of dreamy scenes filled with the sense of substitution, such as Underwater World, Ice & Snow World, and Planet Universe. The visitors can take photos via mobile phone.

Furthermore, the venue also sets up VR canoe/kayak experience area, and restores the real feeling of the kayak competition through the built-in wireless motion tracking sensor in the paddle handle and the different scenes in the VR helmet, allowing tourists to experience the splendidness and excitement of the kayak competition in the indoor VR kayak.

Source:   Author:  Editor: Gao Mingzhen