The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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Enjoy Night View along the Grand Canal by Boat
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/05/09 15:22  Source:Hangzhou Daily

  Where to enjoy the most beautiful scenery in Hangzhou at night? Enjoying the night view of the Grand Canal by boat would be a perfect choice.

Taking developing a world-level tourism product as the target, Hangzhou has conducted overall lighting and upgrade to the lights along both banks of the eastern section of the Grand Canal in the first half of this year. It is the key part of the canal lighting project which will bring powerful visual improvement. It will not only show the historian and cultural charm of the canal with a thousand years of history but implant fashion elements to optimize the experience of night tour. 

Author:Correspondent CHEN Xilu Reporter XIONG Yan Editor:Dong Lixue
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