The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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G20 Hangzhou Summit State Banquet Porcelain Tabelware are Unveiled
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2016/09/18 15:43  Source:Hangzhou Daily 


“Hangzhou is the Most Memorable – G20 Summit State Banquet Porcelain Tableware Exhibition” was opened at Guishan Kiln Porcelain Museum in Hezhu Street Scenic Spot, Xixi National Wetland Park on September 15th. Three sets of State Banquet porcelain tableware (Charming West Lake, Flourishing Age, and National Beauty) designed by JI Xigui, famous Chinese arts and crafts master, are shown to the public for the first time. You can order these limited editions now.


Author:Photo by LI Zhong Editor:CHEN Junnan
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