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This National Fitness Day Huanglong Sports Carnival
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2014/08/01 19:30  Source:Source: Qianjiang Evening News

    From August 8th to 9th 2014n in Hangzhou National Fitness Day Public Experience Event and Huanglong Sports Center Fitness Festival will be held in the auxiliary hall of the Huanglong Sports Center.

    This National Fitness Day’s program will be completely without threshold. It supports a platform whereby “the whole nation accepts the challenge.” This will include 8 programs of super shooting, spinning bikes, fixed-point shooting, push-ups, grip strength, lung capacity, and reaction time in two days of 16 men and women contestants where everyone will be a winner. Each participant will get a bike worth 1000 RMB. For details visit: www.zjcfty.com.

Author:Reporting by: Li Ying Editor:沈涛
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