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Goodbye Panda Brothers!
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/10/11 14:33  City Express

“Chengjiu” and “Shuanghao”, the panda brothers of Hangzhou Zoo, left Hangzhou for their home, Research Base of Giant Panda in Chendu early this morning, where they are expected to find their spouses and breed offsprings. 

Pandas set off from Hangzhou Zoo.

The pandas' breakfast included apples and bamboo shoots.

The twin brothers came to Hangzhou in September 2016 and have lived in Hangzhou Zoo for three years.

Two panda fans were saying goodbye to the twins.

The pandas were boarding the plane. 

“The 24-m³ air cargo with a temperature control system will ensure they stay comfortable on the plane,” said Jiang Zhi, vice director of Hangzhou Zoo.

Chengjiu and Shuanghao were celebrating their 5th birthday in August.

Generally, Hangzhou Zoo would welcome a pair of pandas every three years but the Panda Pavilion of Hangzhou Zoo will start its reconstruction, which is expected to complete before Oct. 2020.

Author:Jin Yingying Photos by Jiangyue Editor:Wang Yueyun
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