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Hangzhou unveils action plan for river development
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/01/09 14:22  ehangzhou.gov.cn

A view of Qiantang River, the mother river of East China's Zhejiang province [Photo/VCG]

Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, recently issued an action plan for river development in the city, local media reported on Jan 5.

The development plan, with Qiantang River, the mother river of Zhejiang as its focus, aims to build Hangzhou into a world-class waterfront area by preserving and giving full play to the 235 kilometers of waterways around the city, including the Fuchun River, Xin'an River and Qiandao Lake.

As planned, three major strategies are highlighted covering the overall development among ecology, industries, transportation along the upper and lower reaches, as well as the coordinated development of riverside cities, town and villages.

According to the plan, Hangzhou will rev up efforts in building a green industrial belt along the rivers by industrial upgrading and transformation, while strengthening the ecological management and transport connectivity of the area.

Meanwhile, the modern services sector as well as the creative and cultural industries is also expected to spread across the rivers, in the hope of helping Hangzhou achieve faster growth and making the city more competitive in the international arena.

Author: Editor:Dong Lixue
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