The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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Why Hangzhou Attracts So Many “International Inhabitants”?
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/05/11 15:38  Urban Express

 Hangzhou has won the honor of “Top 10 Most Attractive Chinese Cities in the Eyes of Foreign Talents” for 8 times in succession.

To attract more talents, the city has not only kept improving related city-level and district-level policies but made great efforts in different aspects, such as optimizing the work of high-end foreign talents and accelerating the construction of supporting facilities for foreigners in Hangzhou.

Up to now Hangzhou has introduced 29,000 high-level returnees. Over 4,980 Hangzhou-based enterprises have been registered by foreigners. The number of foreigners living in Hangzhou has exceeded 20,000. And the inflow rate of overseas talents in Hangzhou ranked first in China in 2017.

Author:Reporter LI Zheng Editor:Dong Lixue
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