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Overseas views on NPC & CPPCC: How a foreigner's eyes look at China's leadership
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2016/03/01 22:04  Source:

Full coverage: 2016 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

Editor's note: The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top parliamentary body, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top advisory body, are scheduled to convene its annual sessions, known as the “two sessions” on March 3-15 2016, which marks a pivotal year as the nation continues on to embark with its reforms and opening up policy, shifting towards a "New Normal" for economic growth rates, starting its 13th Five-Year Plan for social and economic development over the next five years and confronting challenges on the foreign policy front. How will the NPC address those concerns? What do foreign experts and Overseas Chinese say? The Panview Column of CNTV has invited some of them to express their views on major issues to be discussed at the upcoming two sessions.

By Adel Soualah, independent writer & journalist & TV producer working for international media outlets

Chinese president Xi Jinping is considered to be an outstanding leader in our contemporary times. Throughout his professional career, he’s been a good role model for others.

Xi has confronted a number of global crises and provided pragmatic solutions for many nations. Since assuming office as president of the People's Republic of China in 2013, he pledged to work hard and focus on uniting the country.

He has fought against corruption and encouraged more transparency, in order to strengthen justice and economic reforms. He has called for more investments to boost international partnerships that create large benefits for Chinese trade and the rest of the world.

Xi is encouraging Chinese investors to expand nationally and abroad by utilizing government programs and international projects that can give added value and prestige to Chinese investors overall.

Xi holds a vision to spark more technological development and support science in the nation, by funding scientific research and offering a good climate to strengthen companies and people who work in related fields. Accordingly, China has transformed into one of the leading markets in today's technology sector.

In regards to global initiatives, President Xi has signed on to funding major projects in the last two years, which have boosted economic, political, and diplomatic development, along with encouraging more cultural and humanitarian endeavors.

China is creating great opportunities for the world, while resolving a number of crises. Beijing has a strategy not just to focus only on the country, but to help Asia and the world as well. Xi represents a shared vision of the entire Chinese government.

The Chinese government endorses a future vision of the country that is set to overcome challenges, while strengthening its diplomatic role and expanding more comprehensive trade deals and building more infrastructure in China, as well as in other countries and regions which are linking up with China's a Belt and Road initiative, known as the new Silk Road. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has also initiated major projects, and has given speeches touting the robust national economy and calling for more cost-efficient development.

The Chinese are enjoying higher incomes and better living conditions on account of nationwide macroeconomic policies. Premier Li remains a strong advocate of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and he's developing initiatives to double foreign trade capacity while supporting greater scientific research.

Li aspires for a stronger science market in China that can attract more global investments. Li also hopes to communicate more with regular citizens, since the Chinese are expected to work more and be creative to achieve success.

Li also promotes Chinese traditional medicine that is a locally-produced industry. He seeks a qualitative leap in medicine that would have a substantial impact on its economy.

He has farsightedness with comprehensive economic ideals. The Chinese leadership is looking to expand its global portfolio by funding major projects all over the world.

The Chinese government has embarked on many successful projects at home and abroad. We can all expect a brighter future due to China's enormous achievements and we should anticipate more success in the future too.

For instance, the Chinese media will likely become a major player in the global media scene, while the Belt and Road initiative and the Chinese-African partnership are shining even bigger spotlights on China's positive image for the world to see.

Bio of Adel Soualah:

Independent writer & journalist & TV producer working for international media outlets, interested in Geo-political issues and the global economy.

( The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Panview or CCTV.com. )

Author:Adel Soualah Editor:Haihan YE
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