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More than 80000 families in the West Lake District will realize the digitalization of rubbish classification.
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2012/08/02 17:20  Source:Daily Business

Recently, the communities which carry out rubbish classification in Gudang Street, the West Lake District have been trying a new rubbish classification mode, the intelligent management software system of rubbish classification.

The procedure of this system is as follows: compiling rubbish classification management apps, establishing the general information database of the residents in the community, including name, address, contact, rubbish bag code, and daily check, uniformly managed by staffs; regularly analyzing the implementation situation of rubbish classification and raising suggestions for improvement; texting those who do wrong with rubbish classification to give them warm instructions of the correct way of classification.

Author:Reporter Wang Qi Editor:李龙胜
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