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Pilot English Class for Grade 1 Students in Hangzhou Primary Schools Is Full of Hangzhou Style
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/08/07 15:33  Zhejiang Daily

Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education announced that pilot English class will be set up in the new term in 85 primary schools.

This set of textbooks is full of Hangzhou style. It will teach children how to say Jiaohua Ji (Beggar’s Chicken), Xihu Cuyu (West Lake Fish in Vinegar), Pian Er Chuan (Pian Er Chuan Noodles), Longjing Cha (Longjing Tea), Dongpo Rou (Dongpo Pork) and other specialties in English. “Kids will be able to introduce Hangzhou specialties to foreigners,” said Mrs. WU, director of Hangzhou Municipal Basic Education Research Office.


Author:Reporter  JI Yuya  Correspondent JIANG Guoxiang  XIA Wenwen  ZHENG Suifei Editor:Dong Lixue
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