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Great Teacher of Traditional Chinese Studies and President of the Xiling Seal Art Society Rao Zongying Celebrated His Hundredth Birthday Yesterday
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2015/02/27 19:10  Source:Source: City Express

    Yesterday on the auspicious lunar calendar date of eight past the Hong Kong traditional Chinese studies master Rao Zongying celebrated is hundredth birthday

    Rao Zongying was born in city of Chaozhao in Guangdong, and is now known as a great master of traditional Chinese learning both in China and abroad. Now he is in charge of the Central Research Institute of Culture and History and is the 8th president of the Xiling Seal Art Society.

    He has in the past spoken of the secret methods of longevity: by quietly taking things philosophically and having a happy body and mind, one will naturally live long.

Author: Editor:沈涛
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