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Many shopping malls's business anniversaries in the last few weeks
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/11/09 14:58  Source:Qianjiang Evening

Hangzhou SHOPPING groups were very happy these few weekends, for after having an anniversary of Hangzhou department store, they had large business anniversary of GDA PLAZA last weekend. The store attracted a number of people to SHOPPING there because there were many brands offering discounts. This weekend, we will have the long expected 11th business anniversary of Wulin branch of Intime.

November 6 was the anniversary of GDA PLAZA, and many brands including IT, launched a major effort just for this one-day promotion. For example, the IT offered the biggest discount of 35%; B + AB, 5CM reduced a sum of 30 yuan for each 100 yuan's consumption; IZZUE reduced a sum of 40 yuan for each 100 yuan's consumption and so on. As these brands rarely had a chance of discount, fashion men and fashion women swarmed there for shopping.

Author:Mo Liping Editor:Xu Danyu
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